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Whether you are looking to purchase your first gun, or are seasoned in the knowledge and purchasing of firearms, going to a trusted establishment should be your first stop. At Just Target Guns, we are passionate and knowledgeable about firearms. Firearms are an integral part of our business, allowing our expert staff to make sound recommendations based on your needs and help you navigate the process so you can enjoy your new purchase as soon as possible.

There are many reasons why people consider a firearm, and responsible gun ownership begins with Just Target Guns. We are a proud Kimber Master Dealer, which translates to better pricing and access to Kimber firearms.

Kimber Classic Firearms

Kimber was founded with the singular purpose of building fine sporting firearms, better even than classics from the golden age of American gun making. Modern manufacturing techniques would be embraced and used to advantage, but assembly, fit and finish could only depend on practiced hands. There would be no compromise in features, materials, or performance. Kimber measures success by product quality and customer satisfaction, not sales volume. After all, if you trust a Kimber for protection, carry one hunting or shoot one in competition, quality is everything. From the top down, Kimber is made up of dedicated shooters and hunters who insist that their guns are the best. Purchasing your shotgun from an elite Dealer ensures that you are making a wise investment.

Caesar Guerini Elite Dealer

Our comprehensive stock of Cesar Guerini is impressive and our knowledgeable staff will help you choose the right quality firearm for you.

  • Access to Rare / Limited edition models
  • Produced to the exacting specifications as laid out by top American shooters and hunters, these new Over/Under shotguns imported from Caesar Guerini, Brescia, Italy combine some of the finest craftsmanship, precise manufacturing tolerances and premium materials Italian gun makers are famous for the world over.
  • Complimentary PitStops for Life!

Beretta's High Reputation Speaks for Itself

Since 1926 its competition and military firearms have brought the trademark of this historical gun manufacturer with the needs of its customers and its craftsmen. Beretta is known for its dedication to ongoing research, technological improvement, and state-of-the-art manufacturing methods which are the foundation on which Beretta has built its image. Here are some other trademark details:

  • Industriousness
  • Inventiveness
  • Traditional methods


This is not your typical gun company. Passion for the outdoors and clay target shooting drives our entire team of professionals. We listen to our hunters and shooters and convey their messages to our engineers in order to push our products to be the best. We don’t stop there, always asking “What if” while continuing to innovate and striving to make our shotguns even better. Our products are made with the finest Turkish walnut and Italian steel using cutting-edge technology. Melded together by artisans and craftsmen, the results are beautiful Italian shotguns designed to last under the most demanding environments. All backed by an extensive warranty and industry-leading service. American hunters and shooters demand outstanding performance, and FABARM USA has answered their calls.


Our shotguns and accessories are designed just for Women and led by Women. Everyone involved with Syren, from our female management team to our Pro-Staff ladies, are committed to producing the best products possible so that there will be no more compromises when it comes to our lady shooters and their needs. As a division of Caesar Guerini and Fabarm, the goal of Syren is to provide exclusively designed Shotguns for Women. No more compromises for women shooters.