At Just Target Guns there’s never a dull moment. For some, a knife is an everyday tool, for others, it means a great deal more. Perhaps it was a gift or something that was passed down from another generation. Benchmade knives are crafted to last and perform for a lifetime, no matter what environment you find yourself in.

Whether you are using your knife for hunting, self-defense, tactical, survival, outdoors, or rescue, Benchmade has proved an industry leader with cutting edge technology standing up to the demands of every day with comfortable styling, precision, and unmatched performance.

Benchmade brand has stood out against competitors as a brand favorite receiving a variety of awards over the years reflective of their continued commitment to innovation and the highest quality standards.

Benchmade will clean, oil, adjust and re-sharpen your knife to a factory razor-sharp edge for FREE! Come see for yourself why Benchmade knives are far from ordinary.
Just Target Guns, Libertyville IL
*Service does not apply to any serrated portion of the blade.